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Western Desert

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2 NZ General Hospital, Gerawla, Western Desert Black and white photograph of army officers Dragging rails from the railhead for the Western Desert railway extension Dumping petrol in the Western Desert En route to the Western Desert Field Park men change an engine in the Western Desert Headquarters Group, 1 New Zealand Mobile Dental Unit, in the Western Desert In the Western Desert, 1940. Patients wait outside the surgery of a field ambulance dental officer Past Fuka. Looking eastwards along the Western Desert road Petrol Company group in the Western Desert Petrol Dump in the Western Desert, 1940 Railhead in the Western Desert Sgt A. D. Morgan on a No. 9 wireless set, Western Desert Surveying in the Western Desert Troops in the Western Desert receive National Patriotic Fund Christmas parcels, January 1942 ‘Buckeye’ ditcher and, below, ‘Side-boom crane’ tractor used by 18 Army Troops Company for laying the water pipeline in the Western Desert


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