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Reweti Tuhorouta Kohere

Ngati Porou; Anglican clergyman, newspaper journalist and editor, farmer, writer, historian.


Ancestors: Mokena Kohere

Siblings: Henare Mokena Kohere

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A group of old Thornton boys. Back: Sir Maui Pomare, M.D., D.S.O.; Ven. Archdeacon H. Hawkins, L.Th.; Sir Peter H. Buck (Te Rangihiroa), Kt., D.S.O., M.D., Ch.B., D.Sc., M.A. (Yale), F.R.S.N.Z., F.R.A.I. Front: Hamiora Hei, LL.B.; Sir Apirana Ngata, Kt., M.A., LL.B., D.Litt.; Rev. R. T. Kohere, L.Th A Poverty Bay group of Maoris clad in a wide variety of garment. Back: Paul Amohau (huru-kuri or dog's hair), Haare Hone, Tute Nihoniho—well-known Ngati-Porou cheif, Matenga Taihuka—Povery Bay cheif, Hati Poutu. Front: Charles Ferris, Tom Porter (Kiwi), R. T. Kohere (korowai), Paratene Tatae, Hatea (paaki or rain-cape) Archdeacon Samuel and Mrs. Williams and friends. The author is seated in the front of the group First Matakaoa County Council, 1920-29. Back: R. T. Kohere, W. Walker, Kingsford Reid, A. E. Kemp, C. R. E. Wood, Dr. Wi Repa. Front: C. I. B. Beckett, W. F. Metcalfe (Chairman), D. J. McNaught (County Clerk) Reweti T. Kohere Reweti T Kohere — (Na te whānau a Reweti) — Rotorua sight-seeing in the old picturesque way. The author is second from the right and the coach is standing alongside the Blue Lake The author, an undergraduate at Canterbury University College The author clad in Maori garments The family at home. From left: The author, Hinekukurangi (eldest daughter), Paratene (eldest son), Kakatarau, Oha, Mrs. Kohere. In front is the dog, Rowe


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