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Also known as: Gate Pā.

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104. Henare Taratoa — reproduced from ‘The story of Gate Pa’ [Mair: 1926 opp. page 8] 43. “The Story of Gate Pa” [Mair:1926 opp. p. 24] 44. Maori wounded in the Gate Pa, 30th April, 1864 — “Moko; or Maori Tattooing” figure 130 An Episode at the Battle of Gate Pa engraved on the Rawiri Puhirake Monument Badly wounded Maoris in the abandoned defences at Gate Pa, Tauranga. — Drawn by Robley on the morning of of April 30, 1864 Captain John Fane Hamilton (H.M.S ESK). — Killed in the assault on the Gate Pa, 1864. (See pages 125, 286.) Colonel and Officers 68th Light Infantry Tauranga 1864 — A group of officers who took part in the Gate Pa engagement. Copied from a photograph then in the possession — of the late Mr J. H. Griffiths for many years Country Clerk at Tauranga Fig. 123.— Unfinished tattoo. — (From a sketch by the Author 1864.) — Ramiera te Hiahia- guide to Gate Pa. 1864 Fig. 127.–Slight tattooing with hair. — (Sketch by Author, 1864.) — Ihaaka, the rebel tohunga — killed at Gate Pa Fig. 129.—The engineer of the Gate Pa. — (From a sketch from life by the Author, 1864.) — Penetaka Fig. 130.—Wounded Maoris (with slight tattooing). — (Sketch in the Rifle Pits 1864, by the Author.) — Reweti at Gate Pa Fig. 22.—A young Chief fully tattooed, bayoneted in left eyebrow. — (From a drawing by the Author, 1864.) — Te Kani killed at Gate Pa From an engraving in the Illustrated London News of July 30th, 1864, showing the graves in the old Mission — Cemetery at Tauranga of British soldiers and sailors who fell at Gate Pa, April 20th, 1864 Henare Taratoa fought against the British forces at Gate Pa and — again at Te Ranga where he was killed Hori Ngatai, whose story of “Gate Pa” appears in this Booklet Pukehinahina Pa (Gate Pa) 1864 — Danbury Album; Auckland Institute & Museum The grave of Captain Hamilton, H.M.S. Esk, killed in the assault on Gate Pa The grave of Commander Hay. H.M.S. Harrier, killed in the assault on Gate Pa The grave of Lieut. Hill of H.M.S. Curacoa, killed in the assault on Gate Pa The Memorial Church (Church of England) which stands on the site of the Gate Pa. — Photograph by R. J. Smith A.R.P.S The simple wooden cross to the seamen and marines killed in the assault on Gate Pa


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