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The Early Canterbury Runs: Containing the First, Second and Third (new) Series

Particular Stations

Particular Stations

M/S Description Books and Transfer Books, Class III Runs, now in the Land Office, Christchurch.

Lists of Class III Runs, printed annually for the Provincial Government. I have them from 1863 to 1874, but there should be earlier and later ones in the Library.

All these are necessary to anyone who wishes to write accurately about the Canterbury runs, but must be used with discretion. The licenses were often held in the names of bankers and others who lent money on them; and when stations were sold the vendor often kept the license in his own name until the new owner had paid the purchase money—sometimes years afterwards.

The Canterbury Provincial Gazettes are important and useful but unless the student is taking a wide field he will have to read much before he finds anything relating to his particular subject.

The Annual Sheep Returns are the best guide to the approximate dates of changes of ownership since the abolition of the provinces.

The Cyclopedia of New Zealand, Vol. 3, Canterbury: This is not always accurate about the early days, but the accounts in it of stations were supplied by the contemporary owners when it was compiled about 1900 and should be reliable from about 1875 till then.

Jubilee History of S. Canterbury (J. C. Andersen), is very valuable for the S. Canterbury runs.

For Banks Peninsula I have given the names of the page 354books I found most useful for the runs here at the beginning of Chapter 12.

Dictionary of N.Z. Biography: Many early runholders took part in local and general public affairs, and the Dictionary has accounts of most of these.