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Sport 10: Autumn 1993


'He showed you a weta and scared the shit out of you and you said you'd go out with him?' repeated Artie.

And Sandra suddenly understood why he had no girlfriend and why Gary called him a dill.

'What's a dag?' asked Sandra, emboldened by the darkness.

'Gary's a dag,' said Artie. 'Dags are where all the shit clings to the wool on a sheep's bum. Sort of shitty lumps.'

Sandra recalled the chub of luncheon sausage in the sleeping bag and decided dag certainly was an appropriate term for Gary.

She took a deep breath. 'And what's a Saveyou for?'

'Sometimes when ewes are in lamb, their uteruses pop out. Specially if the feed's too lush. So you push it back in then you insert the middle bit of the Savewe and tie the tapes around her legs. Though some blokes just push them back and do them up with a safety pin.'

'Thank you,' said Sandra and fell into a deep sleep.