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Letter from John Gare Butler to William Hayward Wakefield, June 24th, 1840

June 24th, 1820.


Whereas the major part of the materials contained in the present number, and those which will succeed in this treatise, have heretofore undergone the examination and scrutiny of that profound scholar, Professor Lee, of the University of Cambridge, it may be concluded that the elements and principles of the New Zealand language are satisfactorily laid down on a good foundation.

An authority like this cannot fail (I imagine) to recommend a small work of this nature to the notice and perusal of colonists and others, who may be desirous to obtain a competent knowledge of the language, in order to convey their ideas and sentiments to the natives.

The work was called “Butler's Help and Guide to the New Zealand Language.”

Dedicated by permission, to Col. William Wakefield, principal agent for the New Zealand Land Company.

By their humble
And obedient servant,


Britannia, Port Nicholson, New Zealand, 1840.
Printed by Samuel Revans.