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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Auckland Provincial District]

Sir George Grey's

Sir George Grey's acceptance of the Superintendency of Auckland, when the office was rendered vacant by the death of Mr. John Williamson, signalised his re-entry into public life. But the provinces as political entities were then drawing to their end, and although Sir George was elected to Parliament with a view to their preservation, and he did his best, neither he nor the many able men who were with him in that connection could avert their doom. Sir George Grey was, therefore, the last Superintendent of Auckland, and he held office only from the 24th of March 1875, until the 1st of November, 1876, when the provinces passed out of existence. Sir George Grey's career is sketched in detail in the first volume of this work under the heading of “Former Governor. All that needs to be added here is that Sir George died in London on the 20th of September, 1898, and that some time previously he and his wife, Lady Grey, had been reconciled after an estrangement of many years.

Sir G. Grey.

Sir G. Grey.