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A compendium of official documents relative to native affairs in the South Island, Volume One.



Know all men, by this document, we, the chiefs and men of the Ngaitahu Tribe in New Zealand, whose names are undersigned, consent, on this 31st day of July, in the year of our Lord, 1844, to give up, sell, and abandon altogether to William Wakefield, the Principal Agent of the New Zealand Company, of London, on behalf of the Directors of the said Company, all our claims and title to the land comprised within the under-mentioned boundaries:—The names of the said lands are, Otakou, Kaikarae, Taieri, Mataaua, and Te Karoro. These are the boundaries:—The Northern boundary line commences at Purehurehu, runs along the sea shore, crossing the entrance of Otakou (harbour) to Otupa, thence along the coast to Poatiri; the Eastern boundary is the ocean from Poatiri to Tokata; thence the Southern boundary runs along the summit of Taukohu to Pohueroa, it then runs along the summit of the Kaihiku Range and crosses the Mataau River; thence along the summit of the Maungaatua Range to Wakaari, along the summit of Wakaari to Mihiwaka, Otuwareroa; thence it descends to Purehurehu, on the sea coast.

We also give up all the islands Tamautaurua, Rakiriri, Okaihe, Moturata, Paparoa, Mat[unclear: ketoke], Hakinikini, and Aonui, excepting the following places, which we have reserved for ourselves and our children—that is to say, a certain portion of land on the eastern side of Otakou, called Omate; the boundary line commences at Moepuku, crosses over to Poatiri, thence along the coast to Waiwakaheke, then crosses to Pukekura, and runs along the side of the harbour to Moepuku; also a certain portion of land at Pukekura, the boundaries of which are marked by posts, containing one acre, more or less; also, a portion of land at Taieri, the boundary line of which commences at Onumia, and runs across in a straight line to Maitapapa, the Taieri River forms the other boundary; also a portion of land at Te Karoro, bounded on the South by the Karoro River, on the East by the ocean. The Northern boundary includes the village of that place, and extends inland about one mile, which said reserved places we agree neither to sell nor let to any party whatever, without the sanction of His Excellency the Governor of New Zealand.

We have received as payment for the above first-mentioned land, the sum of £2,400 in money, on this day, in the presence of these witnesses.

John Tuhawaiki.
Te Raki.
John Tuhawaiki, for Topi.
Horomona Pohio.
Te Ao.
Korako Karetai.
Tute wai uo.
Papa Kawa.
Te Hoki.
Te Raki.
Taiaroa, for Pokihi.


Kahuti. Pokene.
John Jermyn Symonds, P.M. Kurakura.
Frederick Tuckett.
George Clarke, jun., Protector, Aborigines.
David Scott.

I, William Wakefield, the Principal Agent of the New Zealand Company, do undertake to select 150,000 acres to which the Crown's right of pre-emption has been waived in favour of the said Company, from the block of land specified in the deed to which this is annexed, as soon as such land shall have been surveyed, leaving the unappropriated residue to be dealt with in such manner as His Excellency the Governor shall deem fit.

Otago, 29th July, 1844.
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