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Kowhai Gold

[Alexa Stevens]

page 167

Garden Piece
The gate.  And then I step on dewy grass,
All greenly glad and waking as I pass,
There at my side slim, spreading English trees
Quiver with tender newness to the breeze;
The netted arches in thin silhouette,
The tasselled larches in sweet company set,
Pink glows of flowering cherries, nodding balls
Of guelder roses, while on grim, green walls
Beyond them giant firs are sentinels.

I feel the scent in tangled sweetness shed
From daphne, hidden in a grassy bed;
Wee, waxen heath stands straight; the bluegums' talk,
Whisper and swish, comes to me in my walk;
Among the creeping undergrowth below,
Shy little hidden, smothered flowers grow,
And as I cross the hedged and shadowy lawn
The thin ghost breeze slips by, and now the dawn
Comes in its chariot of cloud, sun-drawn.