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The Moko Texts Collection

This corpus collects together Horatio Gordon Robley's Moko; or Maori Tattooing and contextual material relating to Ta Moko, mokamokai, Robley himself and his art. A bibliography provides further links to other online resources.

A paper discusses the motivation for the project and consultation undertaken. Images of mokamokai in the corpus have been suppressed. The NZETC policy is here.

The edition of Moko; or Maori Tattooing that was digitised is Horace Edward Manners Fildes’ annotated copy which was of particular interest for a number of reasons: it contains a number of ‘letters’ from Robley to Fildes about the text and its content; it includes a hand-painted water-colour of a mokamokai by Robley; and for some of the images of people or mokamokai within the text where the caption gave no indication of who the people were within them, Fildes has provided a name.

Additional contextual resources, including Robley's memoirs, will be added to the corpus in the future.