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Documents Relating to New Zealand's Participation in the Second World War 1939–45: Volume I

104 — The Australian Commonwealth Naval Board to the New Zealand Naval Board

The Australian Commonwealth Naval Board to the New Zealand Naval Board

18 March 1940

Director of Sea Transport's telegrams 1701 and 1702 of 15 March.1

It is proposed that HMAS Canberra2 and HMS Leander should form the ocean escort for US 3 (fast convoy)3 on the New Zealand

1 Not published. A telegram dated 6 Mar from the Admiralty to the Australian and New Zealand Naval Boards notified the division of the convoy into a fast and a slow group. HMS Ramillies was to form part of the escort for the slow group. Telegrams 1701 and 1702 gave details of the movements of the ships in each group and the probable itinerary of each convoy. One Australian brigade was to travel in the slow convoy and the rest of the Australian contingent and the Second Echelon from New Zealand in the fast group.

2 HMAS Canberra, 8-inch cruiser, 9850 tons; lost in the battle of Savo Island (Solomons), 9 Aug 1942.

3 The letters US as used by the Admiralty denoted an inward bound convoy; WS signified outward bound. Convoy US 2 was the slow group, carrying Australian troops only, and US 3 the fast group.

page 85 station and that HMAS Australia1 should relieve HMS Leander in 160 degrees east, approximately.2

1 HMAS Australia, 8-inch cruiser, 9870 tons.

2 i.e., in mid-Tasman. The New Zealand Naval Board concurred in the use of the Leander.